Car Restoration

We specialize in concours Car Restoration on all makes and models. We also build Custom cars and trucks!Our work has been featured in 100's of magazine articles setting the standard in the industry.

Please view our finished work in the Gallery page.Performing the art of Car Restoration to the highest level takes many years of Skill and Knowledge along with specific tools to be efficient in the process.Car Restoration has been our family business since 1957 so we have had the opportunity to work on many different models of Automobiles and Trucks.

This has enabled us to build trusting relationships with the best NOS and used parts suppliers around the country.From New Old Stock "NOS" to nice used and reproduction parts that are authentic we find parts that fit well so minimum reworking time is needed. In a nut-shell we get it done.Some customers want Car Restoration performed to 100 % original with every part checked for authenticity along with date codes etc

Other customers desire a project that looks original on the exterior but has been  modified with mechanical upgrades that offer better dependability and even more performance then a factory original Car or Truck came with.If the latter is your case we can build your engine to bring optimum performance on 93 Octane "pay at the pump gas".Initial questions like the final weight of a Car, the engine compression including cam profile, transmission and rear end gear ratios are selected to achieve the desired mark.

We love classic Car and Trucks, and will build yours any way you like.When having a Car restored it makes sense to visit a facility in person and meet the people who will be building your project but if you are pressed for time and can not leave the office we put this web site together for you, to help inform and answer the many questions you have.

Car Restoration can be a daunting task to goo from rust bucket to final pristine product and fining resources that we can count on are invaluable to say the least. On One of our main sites is Hemming's Motor News. where cars, truck and parts can be found for every conceivable item can be found. In this business you have got to have the help to make it to and stay on top of the Car restoration world. Take it from me this is one reliable book for the old car hobby.

When in the process of finding NOS parts for our car restoration projects we always look at ebay motors in the specific section for any particular make we are needing parts. The world wide market place always has the good stuff and usually we can find it online on Ebay Motors. It makes a big difference in efficiency as lighting quick searches can be done to speed up the process which minimizes labor hunting parts time. You never know what you will need parts wise when restoring a high quality Car Restoration project.

Parts from Year One are reliable reproductions. If you do not want to build a complete NOS parts car which takes many hours to locate original parts then their repro parts are decent and can satisfy most people. If this is you then a Year One supplied parts build will get the job done. We recommend them for this type of car if you are building a nice driver.

Once you witness our quality system you will be confident that you have chosen the right company.

Our work speaks for itself and to prove our knowledge and integrity our standard setting techniques have been published hundreds of times in major magazines and publications.

Sincerely, Jeff Lilly 210-695-5151


Recent News

Sam is fabricating a center located running board support brace on the Model T. Originally from Ford the running board would bow down in the center so we are upgrading it. We are not concerned with complete originality as most of our clients want things to hold up with longevity in mind. The original running board had two outside support brackets and we will be keeping them but they will be beefed up on the curves to support the outer sections of the running board. This way we will have 3 support braces per side to eliminate any support problems in the future. - 4/10/12

Today Luie is working on the rear license plate of the 1954 Ford truck. We are mounting it just behind the roll pan that we built that is currently in our build tips section so it will swing down when the ignition is on and up when its off so it is hidden for show. - 9/11/2012