63 Galaxie - Hood Hinge

The holding devise on the hood hinges are hidden inside the fire wall.
Up inside you can see the hood hinge pivot system.
The hood had to be modified to allow moving the hinge out more for clearance and center in the wheel apron for looks.
The straight in line shot shows why this was needed.
Small pivot bracket was fabbed to mount the bottom of the holding devise.
Under the drain cowl which is removable from the car is where the bracket that holds the upper part of the hinge where the pivot is located.
You get a better look at the hinge system out of the car. Chromoly tubing was used for strength.
Close up shows the gusset to add stretch by design not only material.
We added a wire to shape the hinge for cosmetic purposes which will be wrapped in steel next.
Side angle gives a good shot of the flow.
Close up of pivot which we inserted bronze bushings.
Wrapped in steel and starting to come around.
The hood hinges will need to have upper pockets built around the arms where they go in to the interior side of the fire wall. As seen they are in the down position. The lower pockets were built with enough room to service the holding arm mechanisms if ever needed.
We cut out some metal to form the inside pocket walls and then welded them in solid.
We also blocked off the pockets on the inside behind the dash. As seen Mani has the template finished and is ready to build them from 20 gauge steel.
Boxed in completely from the outside this will keep dust out of the interior.