We are often asked if we can Ball Park or Estimate the cost to build a project? There are many questions that need answering on a project such as the following.
  • How many rust spots does your project have ?

  • How many parts need replaced ?

  • How much time will it take to locate and purchase each part ?

  • What will the quality level of the parts be that are available such as used, repro or New Old Stock?

  • If reproduction parts are available how much work will they take to satisfy our quality requirements ?

  • How long will it take to build or fabricate those parts that are not available?

By The Hour Build

Because of these unknown factors, we build projects with a by the hour billing on all labor including the shop materials used on your project. In addition we always seek our client's approval as their project is being built with addendums on any changes from original equipment.

Until a vehicle is completely disassembled we are not able to write a comprehensive plan for the project.

Once the Project is disassembled and stripped of all paint and undercoatings we draw up a comprehensive plan on the project in keeping with the customers desires.

A successful project plan will focus on three areas: Written work plan, Comprehensive tracking system, Follow up system.

This Silver Karmann Ghia came to us in very rough and rusty condition and it costs 85K for us to perform the labor to complete it. Keep in mind that a vehicles overall condition and the amount of original or custom parts needed varies so comparing a project to another one will more then likely be inaccurate.

No Profit On Materials / Parts

We charge for the time spent finding parts and specific materials on a project, however the cost of the specific materials and parts are passed through to our Clients at "Our Cost" and billed to the Clients credit card whenever possible with the original invoice sent to the Client.

We do not have the man power to hunt down or research any Non Client requests for parts, supplies or technical information. Thank you for your understanding!

50 Ford Body!

Many people call and inform us of a bad experience where a supposed reputable shop ripped their pride and joy apart and sat down on their project by stopping the process. The problem is usually a Ball Park Price Quote that sounds too good to be true.
The Customer refuses to let go of his dream even though his truck was torn apart then sandblasted and left outside to rust even worse then when he started. The Ultimate Jig Saw Puzzle stares us in the face!
The chassis was painted over rust and the straight six motor was slapped together and built by a ^&#@*)!$+ back yard etc etc!.
We are going to plan a different attack to bring his dream to reality. This will include a modern V8 with five speed trans and rack n pinion with IFS front clip including disc brakes and many other modern up grades. 50 Ford Finished

Billing invoices-paper work sent to our customers.
At regular intervals we provide to our customers, 1. Billing Invoices 2. Time Summaries 3. Labor Records 4. Phone Call Logs 5. Photos of Repairs. We make no profit on parts, we use the customers credit card to purchase on their behalf and send them the original invoice!
Labor Record Labor Record

The labor records from our crew provide written information pertaining to your project each day it is worked on.

With each invoice, you will also receive a summary of the total hours performed by each crew member.

Telephone Log Sheet

The telephone log sheets provide information about each call that is placed on your behalf and a record of any parts ordered on your credit card at our cost. We simply send you the original invoice at NO Profit to us.

Authenticity Listing

Authenticity is vital to the customer who desires a totally original show car. Through research, documentation, digital photos and phone calls to the right people we unravel the mystery to build it correctly.
Disassembly records and parts replacement forms are used to help us acheive the desired results.
pics.jpg (71625 bytes)
You will receive progress photos with each invoice you receive. 


What type of project are you interested in building ?  

1. Original is a vehicle built the same way as it was from the MFG although It would be restored to a greater level of cosmetic quality then a production vehicle.

2. Pro Touring is a project with a mostly stock appearing exterior, but receives a late model drive train with suspension modifications for road handling and proper stance. Smooth lines with original or custom colors are an option !

3. Custom Rod is usually referred to as a 1949 and newer body style with custom modifications to the drive train, suspension, interior and the even the body including custom paint jobs etc... This includes the old hot rodder look !

4. Street Rod is a pre 1949 Body style and is usually built with many new parts. This project is custom built for the driver to fit him or her specifically. Everything from mild to extreme drive trains are installed including the latest items, with numerous custom fabricated parts. Custom paint jobs with body modifications are quite common.  

5. Super Rod is commonly referred to as a 1955 to 1973 vehicle that is tricked out with suspension mods, body mods, interior mods and whatever your imagination can come up with !

Of course you can combine any of these for your own preference. We are here to build your dream ride to suit your personal taste!


 If I restore or build a custom vehicle will It be a good return on my investment if sold at a later date?  

1. The value of any particular vehicle depends on how collectable and/or desirable it is.  For example lets say that there is a Fiat with 10,000 parts and a Ferrari with 10,000 parts to restore. Although no two cars are the same as no two snow flakes are identical we will still use this to compare value.  Lets say that these two cars have the same rust, same dents, same price for each part, same availability and time to find each part. In addition they take the same time to fully restore the complete vehicle right down to the minute! The value of the Ferrari is worth 350,000 cash and the Fiat is worth 6,000. Regardless if it took the same investment to restore them we would still have a value difference. Supply and demand will always set values and we cannot change that. The Customer dictates the investment value/return by what vehicle he or she loves.