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Custom Cars 

At Jeff Lilly Restorations our Custom Car projects are built as complete one off vehicles. Browse our Gallery and/or fabrication pages for examples of our work.

In addition search our magazine section for examples of Custom Cars and Trucks that we have built to our clients taste. If you desire a mild, wild or some where in between Custom Car or Truck we are the solution as our workmanship sets the standard for quality, design and longevity.

Custom sheet metal work to " take the ugly out " of your project can be performed featuring body modifications with Chopped tops, pancaked hoods, spoilers, flares etc. We have the equipment and the craftsmen to get it done. When it's time for paint we can spray any shade of pearls, candies, metallics, pastels or flames.

In the world of custom cars there are no “must be this way” or “its best to do it like this” scenarios. Beauty is seen through your eyes and you know what you want. Our proven techniques get the job done in an efficient manner while bringing your dreams to a reality.

During the course of building Custom Cars we create vehicles that stand on their own as unique pieces of art along with the longevity you would expect so you can enjoy your machine for a lifetime. We have written 100s of technical articles for national magazines setting the standard on how Custom Cars are built such as Good Guys and Street Rodder where we have also found the best parts available within the listed suppliers. Searching through the myriad of sources and hand picking the best companies over a 50 year period of being in this business has made the difference in why we are, where we are, today.

If you are new to the hobby then buckle your racing harness and enjoy the journey in to the wild world of custom cars and if we can help you in any way give us a call to discuss the possibilities, It is our passion to build one of kind cars and to give you your dreams, its what we do.

Thanks for the confidence! Jeff

Call us today to discuss your dream and view a few samples below of Magazine articles our work has appeared in.

Jeff Lilly 210-695-5151