Choosing the right Auto Restoration shop is as important as the project you want restored. With out the correct Shop you will not get the quality needed or the longevity you want on your project. At Jeff Lilly Restorations we have the facility and the craftsmen to accomplish this goal. Over the years we have procured out of print shop/parts manuals to help the project flow smoothly such as 1960's to 1970's Mitchell Manuals with exploded views on all body sheet metal and parts including chassis specs with listed factory part numbers. We also have 1925 to 1976 original color charts with paint codes for all vehicles. These help the process when dealing with suppliers for new or used parts and their proper colors. Our "separate shop system" makes a major difference in many areas including our block sanding shop with 70 sanding blocks built specifically for the inside lines, convex and concave shapes that so dominated these classic body styles.