Gauge Cluster

Dash was in sad shape with well worn gauges.
Close up of gauge panel shows it rough to say the least.
We took it apart and stripped all the old paint, as seen it was made in aluminum. We marked all the dents that needed taken out. Makes me wonder how a gauge panel got whacked in so many places to get all those dents in it? Shows just how fragile aluminum is especially being that this cover is backed up by a plastic housing. See next photo.
Here is the plastic backup housing. The factory had it glued together so it was a lot of fun to get it apart with out doing more damage.
The dents were removed and a skim coat of glaze was applied to remove imperfections which we then sanded with 180-320 grit and then primed.
We then fitted it to the dash to be sure all was well. We sanded the hi-build primer with 400 grit to get it ready to paint.
Gauges need complete restoration also.
Disassemble all pieces.
Clean up, rebuild, detail and "voila" you have better then new looking parts.
Test them all before assembly. They all work great.
Dishes are done man!
Same with the temp controls.