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At Jeff Lilly Restoration's we specialize in building custom Hot Rods to your specifications. The need to customize and personalize ones favorite body style to a piece of rolling art is a fast growing trend. A Rod or Custom project can be any body style that your heart is attached to. At Jeff Lilly Restorations we build Custom Cars from 1932 to 1973 vehicles. Before we slice any metal or turn a single wrench we can design your complete project in 3-D for a real to life rendering if you desire.

Our in house fabrication shop can build a custom chassis or any part that your mind can imagine. Our super straight body work can be examined from any angle to view the consistent 3/16 panel gaps and a ripple free painted surface. Any changes from factory stock are agreed on with your signature approval. Hot Rods are our passion and combining the latest components with custom fabricated parts for your project is vital to deliver you a one of a kind automobile. We will build your project with the right stance, ride height, wheel / tire combination, interior design and paint scheme to a final product you will be proud of for a lifetime.

When having a car built it makes sense to visit a facility in person and meet the people who will be building your project first hand to inspect the finished work allowing you to make the correct choice. Once you witness our system and quality workmanship you will be confident that you have chosen the right company. For those of you who are pressed for time and simply can not get away, we have put this web site together for you so that you can be here with out setting foot out of your office. Please take the time to surf the entire site and check out our fabrication page to get an idea of our custom capabilities. Give us a call to discuss your project so we can bring your dreams to reality.

Custom Trucks are a passion for us. Check out "Ol Yeller" this truck has appeared in many magazine features. A subtle custom to say the least but one that captured the owners taste.

Ford Trucks, Chevy Trucks and Dodge Trucks, we love them all.

We can fabricate Bed Wood in many varieties with custom clear coatings and polished as nice as the exterior paint is a normal part of our day at Jeff Lilly Restorations. When you pick and choose the components you want combined with the one off parts we fabricate you will have a one of a kind Custom build.  

In the 50 plus years our family has been building Hot Rods we have seen many companies come and many go. We have listed some of the top places we have found to be reputable for tech information, services or parts. Among them is magazine available at your local news stand or online. They are a stellar performer and they have been around as long as we have since the 1950ís They continue to place the current trends in the magazine along with hi profile cars and a combination of the technical information and performance testing on many different cars and trucks that we have all come to know and love. The parts suppliers listed to assist in a Hot Rods project are steady companies with award winning technology to help you in the hobby.

Another recognized place of authority is especially if you are starting out in the industry as there is history of information to help the novice understand where the roots of Hot Rodding began and where it is going. Well known authors contribute their information to the famous online encyclopedia so it is actually upgraded from time to time with pertinent information and to help us see the differences in Hot Rodding in different parts of the world. It also has a complete and very comprehensive Dictionary of Car TERMS so the beginner will understand what other Hot Rodders are talking about during meets and show gatherings.

Next on the list is where every conceivable make and or model can be purchased already done. Obviously you want to use caution when purchasing a pre built car or truck including the costs of a pre purchase inspection on any vehicle you are considering. Most people will buy a finished hot rod as they do not want to spend the money or wait for a one of a kind to be built. Choose wisely so that a nightmare is not encountered down the road. Obviously there are many chiselers out there so beware and spend the money to have a professional look over the car if you are not knowledgeable enough to do it yourself.

A final noteworthy publication is a magazine that deals with performance upgrades and testing as many Hot Rodders want a fast car and or upgraded engine so this magazine packs in a punch of new tech every month. Regardless if you have Chevy, Ford, Mopar or some other model they capture the essence of car building and bring it to life month after month.

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Recent News

Bob is working on the Camaro front end, he is fabricating the grill making sure it all fits good with the headlight bezels ensuring "the look" along with the legal position requirements. He installed hinges on the headlight buckets that will be assisted electronically allowing the lights to move in and out when turned on and off. When driving at night they will be aligned legally but when parked they go back to a more attractive angle to match the rest of the custom build. - 4/10/2012

Today Nat is color sanding the back side of the Cougar trunk lid Eliminator; he started with 1,000 then 1,200 then moved up to 1,500 and finished off with 2000 grit sand paper, he is now polishing the back side to match the like glass looking paint on the body of the car (our standard techniques). - 4/25/2012

Today Mani is almost done with the fiberglass parts on the Shelby Mustang. He has some little touch ups to finish. The doors have grain pattern on the back side of the door panel from the Ford factory. Mani is being extremely careful using just a soft brush on these because if this gets dented or malformed in any way it becomes exceedingly hard to replace or fix. He is ensuring not to leave any marks by being careful and not using any hard edged tools on it for scraping the paint off. - 5/3/2012

70 Fastback Mustang motor has a dry sump system, so there is no oil pan, it basically looks like a small cover that has hose fittings coming off it. The hoses run right behind the wheel wells and then through the rocker panels over the fender well to the reservoir, all run nice and clean, so it looks sharp from underneath. - 5/10/2012

Today on the 70 BOSS Mustang, Luie installed a new "Grant Steering Wheel" along with our "Paddle Shifting System". We are checking the fit to ensure you can see the LEDs at the very top when the customer is sitting in the vehicle without needing to lean forward. Now He can simply shift with his hands like a late model race vehicle, while keeping both hands on the steering wheel for safety. With a full racing harness holding him back in the seat it makes racing much more effective then dealing with the floor shifter. - 5/15/2012

Today Nat color sanded the hood on the Cougar with 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 grit papers. We are excited to see this project making progress. Soon the Eliminator decals will be flowing down the sides of this machine. - 5/18/2012

Today on the 1970 Mustang, Louie cut the back of the remote mirror mount off the used Torino remote mirror we recently purchased. He will now mount it to the new Mustang repro non remote mirror head so we can have a remote control mirror on the right side of the car. - 5/22/2012

Today Nat block sanded the 1963 Galaxie oil pan, front suspension brackets and transmission to motor cover; these pieces are now ready to apply our "Bottom Less Blue" paint. - 5/25/2012

Nat pulled the 1963 Galaxie in to the sanding shop and he masked off the car from the rocker panel down to the floor to keep dust off the chassis. He is going to do the final blocking on the body to get it ready for the Bottomless Blue Paint we are going to spray on it soon. - 5/30/2012

Nat has started sanding the 1963 Galaxie and its looking fantastic on the sides. There are a few high and low spots that need to be worked out on the body but it is coming along nicely in the masters hands. This Behemoth bad boy is going to be straight when it is completed! - 6/8/2012

Today on the 1967 Shelby Mustang Cliff sprayed the frame rails with green aviation primer. Then he fit the new floor, drilled his new spot weld holes and then he installed the new floor and tack-welded it into place, then he smoothed out the weld spots using a 40 grit disc on the die grinder. - 7/12/2012

Today Bob went over and finished up the door jambs on the 1965 Ford Mossimo truck; he then went to the hood and started blocking the filler for future slick sand primer. - 7/18/2012

Today on the 1969 Camaro Sam built a multi twisted and angled latch up inside the cowl that snakes down to the hood latch so you no longer see the latch sticking out behind the grill. - 7/24/2012

Today Luie built a surround for the exhaust on the 1954 Ford where it comes out to the tail panel so it’s not just a straight exhaust sticking out and looking out of place on this custom build. - 8/10/2012

Today Bob is working on the engine compartment of the 1967 Shelby, block sanding the primer and applying filler where needed to cover all imperfections. - 9/11/2012