Muscle Car Shop

At Jeff Lilly Restorations we specialize in the restoration and customization of Muscle Cars on the Ford Mustang and Shelby’s including Torinos, Cougars and many other Ford Muscle Cars. We also build Chevelle Super Sport and  Z28 Camaro’s including the Nova Super Sport and the Impala SS and any other fast Chevrolet Muscle. One of our favorites to build are the Dodge Challengers, Coronets and RT Chargers with the addition of the Plymouth Barracuda,  GTX and  Road Runners. There are many other Mopar Muscle cars on our desire to build list. Other GM muscle cars we build are the Pontiac GTO, Fire Bird 2+2,s and Catalina’s to name a few including the Oldsmobile 442 and the Buick Grand Sports with GSX being a favorite.

Our work has been featured in 100's of magazine articles setting the standard in the industry. Please view our Muscle Cars in our magazine section and our finished work in the Gallery page for a few outstanding examples. Do not forget to check out MOPARZ, our off the wall Custom car with the Challenger, Charger Cuda and others all rolled in to one bad wam machine featuring the world’s first 1000 cubic inch HEMI.

Our heart races when we see, touch and hear the sound of a Muscle Car. Passion combined with off the chart skill levels result in the highest workmanship.

Many customers want a 100 percent original example of their favorite Muscle  Car. You may desire a Muscle Machine that looks original on the exterior but is modified with mechanical upgrades that offer better dependability and even more performance then a factory original Muscle Car came with. A G-Machine or a Pro Touring car built to handle like no other.

We can also build your engine to put out maximum performance on 93 Octane and or standard high test pump gas. Initial questions like the final curb weight. Engine compression, including cam profile, transmission and rear end gear ratios are needed to achieve the desired mark. We will build them any way you like.

Please call us today at 210-695-5151 and set a time to tour our facility and witness first hand the “Ultimate Shop Tour”.  If you are pressed for time and can not leave the office we put this web site together for “YOU” to answer any questions you may have.

Take a look below at a few sample articles in major magazines!

Muscle Car Review - September 1997 'Frame Preperation'. Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of restoring your muscle car is watching as it evolves from a grimy and rusted metal object into a gleaming masterpiece. Your frame is the foundation of the car and it deserves as much care in stripping, straightening, preparing and painting as any part of the vehicle. Just because its hard to see doesn't mean it deserves any less attention. More...

Muscle Car Classics - August 1992 'Righteous Rust Repair 2'. There is a correct way to repair rusted sheetmetal. It starts with completely cutting out the rust. This is common knowledge and accepted as true, but what most restorers do wrong is insert a patch panel that is not cut to fit. More...

Muscle Cars - May 1993 'Perfect Fit'. Because of their desirability, convertibles are usually kept in service as long as possible. This makes it hard to get parts for them, and when it comes to sheetmetal., quarter panels are the biggest problem. But fear not, there are plenty of hardtop cars that have the same basic sheetmetal. More...