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1972 Pontiac Firebird

1968 Pontiac GTO

Pontiac Restoration

We love to build Pontiacs. From Firebirds to Jim Wangers "Home of the Hot Chiefs"  Lightweight 4 speed car that we rebodied piece by piece with undetected repairs. We have the facility and the people to do it right.

General Motors Pontiac division put out some of the sweetest looking body styles Detroit has ever seen. They led the way with the first real production Muscle car " In our Opinion " with the 1964 GTO " see below the body blocking story in Muscle Car magazine on a 1965 Convertible".

We have NOS sources for many parts on these cars and we will build them 100 percent stock or modified with anything in between that you are dreaming of. 

We also love the 50's Pontiacs and are always open to a new Pontiac project be it a 50's tail fin car or a Pontiac Muscle Car.  We have the correct color codes for all the models and we can custom mix any color you desire. Upgrades can be performed with fuel injection, 4 wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, stereo systems, custom interiors  and suspension upgrades to name just a few. 

As you look through our web site and browse the sections you will see a very organized facility with rarely seen details and quality techniques being performed on many different types of projects. The reason we perform Pontiac Restoration to this level is that we mostly build projects for people who are going to keep their dream ride for a long time, perhaps the remainder of their life and then pass it on to that special family member that will enjoy it with the same passion!

When building your dream Pontiac with this criteria we are building for the long haul and no tiny detail gets left undone. We want you to know that your Pontiac has received the Ultimate workmanship. If you have any questions about your project please call us at 210-695-5151 and we will be glad to answer them.

We believe in revealing our workmanship to prove our knowledge and integrity to our customers. Finished Pontiacs along with our standard setting techniques have been published hundreds of times in major magazines and publications.

We arrange transport all over the USA for your convenience. We appreciate your business and we thank you for choosing us to restore your Pontiac !

Sincerely, Jeff Lilly