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At Jeff Lilly Restorations we specialize in upgrading classic cars and trucks by blending today's technologies into yesterday's classic styling to produce a modern vehicle with safety, comfort, performance, and the reliability of today's modern vehicles.

A large portion of our customers want to drive their classics on a daily basis, so in order to safely drive them on the highways with today’s cars and trucks we have to upgrade them. In order to achieve this we utilize modern technology to improve every aspect of your favorite classic to compliment the original styling without destroying what made it a classic in the first place.

Classic Muscle Car or Vintage Vehicle ?

Every Jeff Lilly RestoMod starts with a comprehensive plan and although many of the projects we build are little more than a rolling shell we inspect the vehicle for rust in problem areas particular to that make and model. The foundation of the frame and body are vital to the projects success.


We begin with our patented disassembly process and then strip the car to bare metal. Any filler, rust, or poor prior repair work is corrected. We re-body any panels that are too rough or rusty to repair in order to return the shell of the vehicle to top condition. All of our work is done with great care to ensure maximum durability and safety.


Modern horsepower demands a lot of the overall vehicle so the chassis is built to withstand 300-700 horsepower and or whatever your requirements are. The frame must be reinforced to reduce body flex and ensure that the extra horsepower never twists the body. This will protect the lazer straight body and paint work we apply. If needed we can install full-length sub-frame connectors as a starting point. An optional roll bar system will further enhance the rigidity and safety of the car, especially on convertibles.


In the last 50 years we have seen many advancements in suspension and brake technology. We install the very best systems available for maximum performance and safety. Typically we will replace the original suspension and steering systems with modern rack-and-pinion steering, variable rate springs, and performance shocks. Our suspension systems provide the ultimate in handling and our braking system will stop the vehicle quickly and safely. The car can be lowered to provide a lower center of gravity, better handling, and an aggressive stance. Other options include coil-over systems and mini-tubs to allow larger wheel and tire combinations.


The brake system can be updated to 4-wheel disk brakes with larger rotors and calipers. If desired dual-piston calipers that were designed for road racing competition can be installed. Obviously the original drum brake or disc/drum combinations on your vehicle is far from adequate to compete with the braking characteristics of today’s newer cars and trucks which would put you at risk if quick stopping is called upon.

Power Train

A wide range of power train options are available. Your original drive train can be updated or a modern more reliable high-performance drive train can be installed. For example on Chevrolets projects a Corvette LS-1 and 6-speed manual transmission can be hooked up to a 12-bolt rear end. For Fords such as the Mustang Fastback a 4.6L to 5.4L dual overhead cam SVT Cobra motor can bolted to a Tremec T-56 and a 9-inch Ford transaxle.


If you have chosen an updated drive train or computer-managed engine then a modern electrical system is required. This replaces antique wiring and enables the owner to have modern electrical components installed, such as modern sound systems, front and rear A/C systems etc.


The interior can be designed to convey the style of the original car while offering modern comfort, convenience, and safety. Updated components include modern instrumentation, power bench and bucket seats, custom door panels, modern sound systems, and air conditioning.

Wheels & Tires

The addition of custom wheels will set your project apart. We install wider wheel and tire combinations for better handling and looks to finish off the new look.

The Final Product

You can drive your new classic every day to and from work or take it to the track and run it hard all day. While driving home in the evening the custom stereo will be playing your favorite tunes while the air conditioner flows cool air into your modern comfortable seated cockpit.

Complete satisfaction is our goal with each build. We strive to understand what each customer is looking for in their car and work with them to make that dream a reality.


Jeff Lilly