We can arrange transport anywhere in the USA! By using special plastic covering techniques we will deliver your pride and joy in lint free condition. All you have to do is pull off the holding tape and "VOILA" Beauty Beyond Belief ! ! !

Wrapped up and ready to go back to its rightful owner! Notice all the plastic wrap! This keeps each finished project oil and drip free from any other vehicle and lint and finger print free during the ship back phase.

Measuring a projects door opening to ensure proper clearance in any trailer size such as single or double stacked is a must. This also provides the transport driver with our expectations of his/her behavior with our Pride and YOUR JOY!

Whether your project is being picked up for us to start on, or completely finished it is vital that we get it loaded properly. We inspect every square inch in writing with each driver and as would be expected each transport is fully insured.
Jeff noticed the Red Ferrari "Not even one of our projects" in the trailer with no protective covering. After he was satisfied with the Lambroghini loaded on top he took his own time to cover the Red F40. He just could not stand seeing a fine vehicle unprotected!
We use top companies in the USA for our Transporting needs. Fully insured the Best in the business such as Horseless Carriage as seen.
Ramp doors that tilt and elevate for double stackers. We always request our finished projects delivered to your door step on the top section for no dirt or oil drip risks from other vehicles. etc.